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Technological innovation to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

Figure: the temperature Zhanbin hit off incubator research in Bell Industrial Park business. Liang Wendong photo


Report from our correspondent (reporter / Liang Zongju) yesterday afternoon, mayor Wen Zhanbin investigates scientific and technological innovation work. He stressed the need to implement measures to accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation projects, the introduction of scientific and technological innovation talents, and promote the application of scientific and technological innovation results, efforts to promote industrial transformation and upgrading of our city.   
Temperature Zhanbin first came to the city and Shun Industrial Co. Ltd., visited the company production of folding, equipped with traffic warning signs, can climb the stairs and other new carts patent products, the company to understand the situation of science and technology innovation. Then, the temperature Zhanbin arrived in Jiangcheng Silver Ridge Industrial Park, visited the cross-border electricity professional incubator, cross-border express sorting center, a passenger clearance business incubators, agricultural products logistics park. Finally, the temperature Zhanbin came to the City Hardware Cutlery Industry Technology Research Institute visited the laser cladding, 3D printing, handle arc welding and other high-end production technology hardware cutlery.
In the subsequent meeting of the forum, Wen Zhanbin listened to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Yangjiang high tech Zone, Yangjiang Vocational and Technical College, City Hardware Cutlery Industry Technology Research Institute report. Wen Zhanbin stressed that technological innovation is the underdeveloped areas to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, and an important way to reduce the gap of economic development in Pearl River delta developed area. The municipal government attaches great importance to technological innovation, innovation driven, as long as the science and technology innovation project in line with the industrial development in Yangjiang, the government will go all out to promote, and through improving the treatment, to provide quality services, increase scientific and technological innovation efforts to introduce talented persons.
Temperature Zhanbin requirements, at all levels of science and technology departments in accordance with the provincial science and Technology Department to formulate scientific and technological innovation "eight starting point, combined with the actual city to implement specific measures and projects, and promote the work of scientific and technological innovation in our city. In light of the existing industrial advantages of our city, we should solve some practical problems, such as matching funds and talents introduction, and accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation projects such as laser processing and training bases. To further implement the measures, laser cladding, scissors Industry Technology Research Institute, cutting, printing and other advanced technologies applied to our city cutlery enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of hardware Cutlery industry of our city. To improve the hardware Cutlery Industry Technology Research Institute of science and technology workers working and living environment, to provide services for the innovation of science and technology personnel.   
Vice mayor Cai Dewei, relevant departments directly under the municipal government and Jiangcheng District, high tech Zone is mainly responsible for people to participate in research.


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