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Play advantage of returnees to help industry development

The newspaper news (reporter Liu Wenting) yesterday, the city CPPCC Vice Chairman Wu Yekun CPPCC Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese Affairs Committee and the relevant member to Yangdong district and Jiangcheng District related enterprises to inspect entrepreneurship returnees, enterprises play returnees advantage, the introduction of advanced management methods and technology, adhere to innovation, promote the development of their own and the whole industry.
On the same day, the CPPCC party first came to the Jiangcheng district is located in the city of Silver Ridge Industrial Park Jiale kitchen industry Co., Ltd., a detailed understanding of the production and operation of enterprises, then visited Guangdong Shun Industrial Co., Ltd., Weilong scissors, understand the production situation, listen to the voice of the enterprises.
It is understood that the City Jiale kitchen industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of kitchen knife, scissors, kitchen pieces and multi-purpose tool enterprises, Shunhe Industry Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R & D and production of folding carts, baggage cars, flat cars, trucks and other warehouse logistics vehicle products, the two companies the successors are returnees. Weilong scissors Co. Ltd. is founded by sea to England in 2003, the annual output value of about 30000000 yuan.
Wu Yekun in the inspection requirements, enterprises should give full play to the advantages of returnees, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management methods, combined with the actual application, promote the development of enterprises and the whole industry, adhere to innovation, efforts in the automation equipment, technical innovation, new products more aspects, seeking long-term sustainable development. Enterprises should also strengthen communication with the government departments, timely reflect the appeal, and provide valuable advice and suggestions for industrial development. Relevant departments should do a good job of service to solve the difficulties and problems encountered by returnees in the process of entrepreneurship and enterprise development.
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