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Good service to boost enterprise development

The newspaper news (reporter Gao Pengfei) yesterday, the city CPPCC Vice Chairman Lin Biyan led the team to the enterprise and hanging point Industrial Co. Ltd to carry out research, understand the business development of the enterprise, asked relevant departments to improve the service efficiency, effectively help enterprises solve difficulties and problems encountered in the process of business development.
Research group arrived the day before yesterday morning, Shun Industrial Co. Ltd., the field view of the enterprise logistics vehicles and related products production and operation status, and held a forum to listen to the report on related work of enterprises. It is understood that Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, the annual series of logistics vehicles about 6000000 vehicles, the annual output value of about 200 million yuan. In view of the existing difficulties and problems in the enterprise, the relevant departments of the research group from the actual situation, put forward the corresponding solutions for the development of enterprises to make comments.
To understand the relevant situation, Lin Biyan pointed out at the meeting, the company has considerable strength, but also has good development prospects. She asked the relevant departments to form a cohesive force, improve work efficiency, for active service enterprises, aiming at the problem of finding the solution for the focus for enterprises to solve all kinds of problems in production and construction projects, and promote the healthy development of enterprises with high quality service.
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